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Beau Marshall named 2017 EOBA Junior Player of the Year!

By PBA, 09/25/17, 7:45AM EDT


The Peterborough Baseball Association is pleased to announce that Beau Marshall of the Ricky's All Day Grill/Berardi Bros Plumbing  Minor Rookie Tigers has been named 2017 EOBA Junior Player of the Year.

The award is given each year to one player in Peewee or below who demonstrates extraordinary on-field skills along with leadership, dedication and commitment to their team.  The award is chosen by the EOBA Awards Committee and Executive at their September meeting.

Beau is the shortstop and leader of his Minor Rookie Peterborough Tigers AAA team.  In the 2017 season, Beau performed as a great team leader on and off the field, leading his team to a perfect 22-0 regular season record, 10-0 tournament record (including 2 Championships), 4-0 playoff record, EOBA League Championship and 3rd place finish at the Minor Rookie AAA OBA Tournament.

Beau is consistently noticed and complimented by opposing players, coaches and parents who marvel at his acrobatic throws, diving catches and fearless attitude on the field. Beau also showed his talent at the plate, leading his team in on-base percentage and hits. When the game is on the line, Beau is the player any team would want at the plate.  He performs well under pressure.

Mark Bondy, coach of the AAA Minor Rookie Ontario Champion North York Blues had this to say about Beau:

As one of the coaches for the North York Blues Minor Rookie OBA Champions it was my privilege to watch my team compete against Beau Marshall and his Peterborough Tigers team.  Beau demonstrated the skills and poise that you hope to see in every ball player! He was a true leader on his team and his defensive range, soft hands and strong arm made him an outstanding shortstop for his team.  On a number of occasions during our games against each other, the words "are you kidding me!" came out of my mouth after yet another amazing play was made by Beau.  At the plate, Beau was always a threat, forcing our players to always be on their toes to track down the next line drive or hard smash off his bat.  In short, having played over 40 games this year against some of the top competition in Ontario, Beau's skills and abilities definitely stand out above the rest. We look forward to competing against Beau and his team for years to come!

Perhaps what is most impressive about Beau's play is his professional demeanor, positive attitude and team first philosophy. Beau is the first person to congratulate a teammate for a great play, or clutch hit.  Beau cares first and foremost about team success.  When congratulated for personal success, Beau is humble and deflects credit to his teammates.

Beau has all of the traits that make a great player, a great leader, and a great person.  It is our honour to have Beau represent the Peterborough Baseball Association.

Congratulations Beau!!