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Peterborough Baseball Association

Welcome to the home of Peterborough Tigers Baseball and the Peterborough Baseball Association (PBA).  We provide opportunities for children in the Peterborough area to play recreational and competitive baseball!

11U (2013) Team 2 Tryouts

Tryout dates are as follows:

Sunday, September 24th 10:30am- Milroy Park

Tuesday, September 26th 5:30pm- East City Bowl

Wednesday, September 27th 5:30pm- Bonnerworth North

12U Team 2 (2012)

Tryouts are as follows:


Sunday, September 24th 9am- Milroy Park

Tuesday, September 26th 5:30pm- Milroy Park

8U Team 2 (2016)

Players released from 8U team one are encouraged to attend team two tryouts, as follows:

Tuesday, September 26th 5pm- Bonnerworth South

Wednesday, September 27th 5pm- Bonnerworth South

Sunday, October 1st 4pm- East City Bowl

11U Tigers Announcement

Players with the following PINs have successfully made it to Tryout #3 moved to Keene Wednesday, September 20th @ 5:00pm. 

Location: Keene Arena Baseball Diamond


100, 101, 102, 105, 111, 113, 118, 120, 121, 122, 123, 125, 126, 128, 133, 134


Regrettably, any player whose PIN is not listed has been released. Thank you for trying out and please check the PBA website for any information on possible Team 2 tryouts. 

10U (2014) Team 2 Tryouts

Saturday, September 16th 9am- Milroy Park

Sunday, September 17th 9am- East City Bowl


***All players must be registered to tryout for Tigers (link below)***All players must tryout for the first team***

11U Tryouts

11U (2013)

Wednesday, September 13th 5pm- Bonnerworth North

Sunday, September 17th 10:30am- East City Bowl

Monday, September 18th  5pm- Bonnerworth South

13U Tryouts

13U (2011)

Wednesday, September 13th 5:30pm- Milroy Park

Thursday, September 14th 5:30pm- Milroy Park

Tuesday, September 19th 5:30pm- Milroy Park

Tryout Dates for 9U

9U (2015)

Monday, September 11th 5pm- Bonnerworth North

Friday, September 15th 5pm- Bonnerworth North

Monday, September 18th 5pm- Bonnerworth North

Tryout Dates for 8U (2016)


Tuesday, September 19th 5pm- Bonnerworth North

Thursday, September 21st 5pm- Bonnerworth North

Friday, September 22nd 5pm- Bonnerworth North

Attention Future Tigers- Tryout dates for 12U, 14U, 16U

12U (2012)

Saturday, September 16th 5:30pm- Milroy Park

Sunday, September 17th 9:30am- Milroy Park

Wednesday, September 20th 5:30pm- Milroy Park


14U (2010)

Sunday, September 10th 10am- Riverside

Wednesday, September 13th 6pm- Trent

Monday,  September 18th 6pm- Riverside


Saturday, September 23rd 5pm- RIverside

Sunday, September 24th 5pm- Riverside


16U (2008)

Sunday, September 10th 6pm- Riverside

Wednesday, September 13th 6pm- Riverside

Sunday, September 17th 6pm- Riverside

10U Tigers (2014)

Tryouts will be held at Milroy Park:

Thursday, September 7th 6pm

Saturday, September 9th 4pm

Sunday, September 10th 4pm


Players must be registered (click link below).

All players must attend first team tryouts in order to accurately assess numbers and skill level to run a second team.


2024 Tigers Coaches

The Peterborough Baseball Association is pleased to announce the following coaching assignments:

8U- Connor Massimo

9U- Dan Perilli

10U- Matt Philips

11U- Mike Nelson

12U- Chris Fee

13U- Damian Seeley

14U- Brad McCamus

16U- Mark Sanders


Thank you to all those that applied.

If there is a second team, coaches will be named at a later date.


    2024 Elite Baseball Announcement

    Interested parties should email Ashvin Mohindra and Ryan Hagerman 

    Go Tigers!


    Become an Umpire

    1.  Clinic Registration - FREE for Peterborough Umpires in 2023!
    If you would like to umpire in 2023, you need to complete an online course along with an on-field camp.  To register… 

    - Go to

    - Click on Umpires

    - Click on 2023 Umpire Certification

    - Click on the link to register as a new or returning umpire

    - Select “Eastern Ontario Baseball Association / Peterborough Baseball Association” as the local association.

    - Select your level (1, 2, or 3).  If in doubt about your current level, please email

    - Click Submit and complete the online modules
    *The KBUA will be covering all certification costs.  This means you don't have to pay for certification to become an umpire in 2023*

    2.  Completing your clinic
    Completion of both the online course and on-field camp is required for certification.

    3.  On Field Instruction - April 30th 
    The KBUA will be hosting an on-field camp on Sunday, April 30th from 8:30am – 12:30pm at the Peterborough Lions Club & East City Bowl.  This is a great opportunity to practice your skills and learn from Baseball Ontario Clinicians.  Please bring appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear. 

    4.  For More Information

    Please contact Jamie Graham 


    Cell:  705-760-4153

    New Executive Appointments

    Following the Annual General Meeting for the PBA on October 12th, we are pleased to announce the following appointments to the board:

    Clayton Wade - President         

    Ryan Hagerman - VP of Operations 

    Kevin Record - VP of Business 

    Heather Temple - Treasurer           

    Katherine Prentice - Secretary 

    Ashvin Mohindra- Tigers Rep  

    Courtney Seddon - House League Director 

    Jayne Kemp - Scheduler          

    Scott O'Brien - Equipment Manager

    Sponsorships - Vacant

    The Peterborough Baseball Association is pleased to announce the Tigers Rep coaches for the 2023 season:

    8U - Dan Perilli

    9U - Mike McNamara

    9U T2 - Mike Colling

    10U - Mike Nelson

    10U T2 - Jordan Underwood

    11U - Mike Poskin

    12U - Dan Bowers

    13U - Brad McCamus

    13U T2 - Dave Swift

    15U - Matt Fairfield

    15U Elite - Bob Neck

    16U Elite - Ryan Hagerman

    18U Elite - Scott Cherwaty

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